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Window Photography

Window Photography Dec 10, 2020

So what is Window Photography? Well, it’s an idea I came up with last year by accident. Last fall we had a big tree in our front yard that split three different ways, and could not be saved. So we cut most of it down and left the rest till spring. Since there was one part of the tree left, we decided to put up a bird feeder for the winter. Of course, it attracted lots of sparrows. But besides sparrows, we started attracting black cap chickadees and the odd blue jay, and yes, rabbits. As winter progressed, I found myself sitting at the window with my camera, and eventually my tripod, waiting and hoping to see a variety of different birds. I started to realize that I was on to something here.

As we all realize, our winters are very cold and very long. Sure we have days when it is not too bad to get out and do outdoor activities. But when it comes to taking pictures, it can be a problem personally for me, and others with physical disabilities.

With having shorter upper limbs, It can be very hard to hold a camera while wearing a winter parka, and because I can not wear gloves, it will make it worse to control the functionality of the camera without getting cold fingers.

I realize that everyone's situation is different and limitations will vary, but it can be done. It’s a matter of figuring out what works best for you. For example, if you live in an apartment, you could set up a bird feeder on your balcony railing. You don’t have to go out on your balcony to take pictures. Stay where it's warm, have your camera set up ready to go. One piece of advice, Before it gets cold, make sure you get your window clean inside and out. Or you will be busy editing spots in your pictures.

If your able to use and setup a tripod, that’s great. If you’re a wheelchair user then, there are brackets and mounts available or have something custum made. Leave it to your Imagination how you will do it and what best works for you.

Below are some of my Window Photographs

Image of sparrow fliying out of tree   Image of Blue Jay at bird feeder   Image of Rabbit sitting in the snow   Image of sparrow sitting in a tree