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Mini Tripod's

Mini Tripod's January 09, 2022    

This month's post and the first one of the year 2022. I would like to talk about tripods, specifically small tripods. I came across a tripod called the Neewer T210 Mini Travel Tabletop Tripod on Amazon. The reason I came across it is that I was looking for something light and easy to operate and that I could set on a table, so I could make videos. When this tripod is fully collapsed it is 12.6 inches tall and when it’s fully opened it's 24.4 inches tall, and it only weighs 1.6 pounds.

Image of a table top tripod   Image of table top tripod showing the different hights

All the adjustment controls are very easy to handle. I found that the control knobs and adjustment leaver can all be modified. It’s just a matter of taking them apart and replacing them with something more accessible. I also found that the height adjustment buckles are easy to pop open and snap closed, and the multifunction head can hold your camera horizontally or vertically. There is also a multifunctional hook on the bottom of the tripod. Offhand I can think of one could use for, you could anchor down the tripod so it’s not able to move around.

Image of table top tripod with camera mounted on angle

Personally, for myself, I only found one flaw with this tripod, and that is the quick-release plate. I found it very difficult to screw the quick release plate to the bottom of my camera myself. Most quick-release plates have a slot where you could use a flat head screwdriver to screw the quick-release plate to the camera as I do. So, what I end up doing is purchasing quick-release plates that came with the slot to use a flathead screwdriver to put it on. This is the stubby screw driver I use.

Image of stub screw driver

Below are two pictures, one is the quick-release plate that came with the tripod and the other picture is the new quick-release plate. Below you’ll find the links to the tripod, and a link to the new quick-release plate.

Image of quick release for bottom of camera   Image of quick release for bottom of camera different angle

If I was to give this tripod my personal rating, I would give it a 9.5 out of 10.

Mini Tripod on

Quick Release Plate on

Mini Tripod on

Quick Release Plate on