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Wheelchair Camera Mount

Wheelchair Camera Mount August 11, 2022


When it comes to looking for accessible technology for people with physical disabilities, it can be a very daunting job. Because people with disabilities have unique needs. I spend hours searching the Internet for accessible devices to help make it easier for people that want to get into photography. Custom-made devices cost much more than devices that are purchased off the shelves or online because devices from off the shelves are mass-produced and that makes them cheaper. There are videos online, but they do not show much. For example, I find dozens of videos on camera adaptations. They show you the device completed and operating. But they do not explain or tell you how they built it or where to get the parts and the cost. These things are especially important.

Well, I came across a video about a wheelchair camera mount. It is not a custom device; it is three photography accessories put together. I was so anxious to be able to post the video, but I realized I needed to get permission first to post it on my site. So, I started my mission to track down the person who made the video, and we found her. Her name is Emily Quattrocchi of Australia, and I got the green light from her. Please find the video below and links to the products she used.

Manfrotto MM290A4US 290 Aluminum Monopod (Amazon Canada)

Manfrotto MM290A4US 290 Aluminum Monopod (Amazon United States)

Neewer Video Camera Tripod Fluid Drag Pan Head for Canon Nikon Sony DSLR Cameras Camcorder Shooting Filming, Load up To 8.8Ibs/4 Kilograms(Amazon Canada)

SMALLRIG Super Clamp for Camera, Lights, Umbrellas, Hooks, Shelves, Plate Glass, Cross Bars, Photography, Video, Audio Accessories – 735 (Amazon Canada)

Emily Quattrocchi YouTube Channel