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The Accessible Tripod

The Accessible Tripod April 17, 2021

  Image of tripod with quick release   Image of quick release close up   Image showing how camera comes off quick from tripod 

Recently I started researching tripods. Looking at the different makes and models, trying to figure what tripod would be the easiest for anyone to use. What one would have the least amount of knobs and levers etc. I came across one that seemed very basic. This particular tripod is called the Manfrotto Mkcompactacn-bk Compact Action Tripod. I don't have one. But I did talk to a person who has one and uses it. Their disability is they have no arms but a bit of a they have no fingers to operate an average tripod. Plus no lower limbs at all. This individual does not have to worry about extending the legs on the tripod, so that's half the battle of setting it up.

To extend the legs, it has pull-out tabs that I find a lot better than twisting collars on the legs. Some people may have dexterity issues with trying to pull open the levers on the legs. But I have found a solution to that as well. There called Door Openers - contactless hook accessory for opening handles, push-button, stylus. Pocket-size utility tool for safety and hygiene. Best for doors, ATMs, and touchscreens. I purchased a set for multiple uses. But most of all, hygiene purposes, so I don't have to touch things, because of Covid. I’ll go into depth on this device in another post.

Most tripods come with a quick-release plate. With this tripod, it comes with a screw-on knob. If you need help putting it on, then get someone to help you. But once it’s on, you are done. It doesn’t interfere with anything. You don’t even know it’s on. To mount your camera to the tripod. You just flip a lever right, drop your camera into place and let go of the lever and it’s locked into place.


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